Discover a genuine NFT collection, representing the Next Generation of Young Muslims, proud of their Identity and Values.

Artwork highlights Tolerance, Gender Equality, Multi Ethnicity & Style Diversity.

Welcome to MetaKawn


The immersive new space for the Next Generation of Young Muslims community to explore, create & connect.

MetaKawn Huffaz Club

6348 exclusive NFTs, representing today’s Muslims, with Real Life Value & Utility.

Kawn Academy

Metaverse, NFT, Crypto, Blockchain… Everything explained for the community.

Kawn Fund

To have a significant impact on community that brighten the Muslim narrative.

MetaKawn Genesis

Islamic history started with the revelation of the Quran and has continued thanks to a community that has preserved the Quran and guarded the noble values of Islam.

Respecting this concept of Guardians of the values, Our first launch is a collection of 6348 avatars representing these Guardians: MetaKawn Huffaz Club.

Huffaz holders will contribute to mint all 6348 Ayats of the Quran on the blockchain. For every Huffaz NFT, one Aya will be dropped to its holder by the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan.

Get exclusive benefits
within the MetaKawn

Early & VIP Access

Grant access to Private groups or be Used as Ticket entry to Events (Real World and/or Virtual)

Community & Social

Ownership comes with access to special fan communities. Can be used socially like GIFs, emojis, badges, profile pictures, etc.

Voting & Governance

The governance club where members can vote on brand decisions, have input on which creators & Charity programs are supported by the Kawn Fund, etc.

Whitelists & Presales

Guaranteed spot and numerous advantages accessing to whitelists and presales ($KWN ICO, new NFT collections, metaverse opportunities…)

Traits & Properties

Huffaz Collection reflects multiculturalism in all aspects of society, unified by tolerance and inclusion.

The 6348 avatars represent a variety of the Next Generation of Young Muslims, respecting gender equality and style diversity.

Background, Skin Tone, Eyes, Accessories, Hair, Head Covering are all distinct properties.




We are here to help everyone understand and embrace the new digital era with Knowledge.

MK is a project aiming to build the First Metaverse inspired by Islamic Values & Ethics. As Muslims are entering this new digital era, the first milestone is to Scribe the Quran into the blockchain, as a blessing for the entire project and an important step toward the continuity of preservation of the Holy Book (Sadaqa Jariya)

The goal of the MetaKawn project is to serve as an inspiration to the next generation of young Muslims to explore, create, and connect in an ethical manner. The collection is not intended to explore aspects of Halal / Haram or to spread the Daawa.

MetaKawn will highlight those who make positive social contributions through real-world action and celebrate diversity in different shapes and forms. We strongly believe that religion is a highly personal matter in its embodiment.

For the Muslim community, MetaKawn will serve as a platform for faith-based projects and a positively contributing social community.  

The Huffaz are the guardians of the Quran in the Blockchain and also of the Values of Equality, Inclusion & Diversity. Huffaz Holders are people that want to do good and leave a positive footprint in this world.

The collection has 6,328 NFTs with an even distribution between men and women. The project includes diverse traits, ethnicities, and styles to highlight the importance of tolerance and social integration. Everybody is free to be whoever they want, and the most important thing is to contribute positively to the world.

Huffaz holders want to brighten the narrative around Islam and all minorities. The collection is embedded with broader real-life utility, including community events, exclusive merch drops, and social welfare.

Every Huffaz is linked to the Quranic Aya (verse) and serves as a contribution to preserving the Quran on the blockchain through the mint.

MetaKawn can currently be minted through the popular MetaMask wallet. You can simply connect your existing MetaMask wallet to MetaKawn by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button on the Mint Page. Make sure you’ve logged into your browser MetaMask extension when you proceed to the connecting process.

Step 1

During the connecting process, you’ll need to authorize the account connectivity to the MetaKawn website to ensure that you’re able to seamlessly receive the Huffaz NFT in your custodial wallet.

Step 2

In the exclusive public mint, you can avail a MetaKawn Huffaz NFT for the affordable price of 0.07 ETH. Make sure you have the required Ether present in your Metamask along with the Gas fee to cover the transaction. To know more about how to add Ether to your Metamask, check out the Guide.


Step 3

After minting the NFT, you can seamlessly access all the perks and benefits aside from the art by simply connecting your wallet to the MetaKawn website. The platform is launching a ton of exciting features designed to offer utility to holders.


Secondary Market

For users that are unable to get their hands on the Huffaz NFT, they can simply visit OpenSea to explore a listed NFT on the secondary market.

The Quran is the only book throughout known history to have survived through generations without any changes. In the past 14 centuries, the Quran has managed to remain preserved through every major era.


The forms of preservation and storage have changed through time. From memory & bones to massively printed books to the digital versions on the internet, the storage of the Quran has evolved throughout history to ensure accuracy and immutability.


With the creation of the revolutionary web3 technology, we’re entering a new era of consensus and unchanged storage using blockchain technology. The trust, ownership, security, and broader protection of the blockchain make it essential to scribe the Qurna into the blockchain as a mandatory step in history.

In the initial phase of the mint, users can mint an entire Surah containing 20 or more Ayats. The exclusive option is not available after the initial three weeks of the launch.

To buy a Huffaz NFT with the specific Aya, users need to explore the secondary market because it is not possible to mint a specific chosen Aya during the initial minting process.


Based on the convention and cultural norm present around the existing market and the input from scholars, it is definitely acceptable to trade the Huffaz NFT / Aya because it serves as an artistic representation of the minted Quran along with broader utility.

For example, a gold necklace with an aya would be halal to trade and profit from because it is an artistic rendition of the aya.

Throughout history, people have made a profit out of Quran in different forms. Printed Qurans throughout the world are sold for different prices depending on the quality of paper & book cover. There is also Jewelry and physical art. People from all over the world and in different industries earn money with the Quran, and it’s not prohibited.